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Editing has begun, and we are excited to add a new producer to our team!  3 years of exceptional footage from our families epic sailing adventure... we just can't wait to show you all!

Playing with natural dye plants on the island & aromatic plants that I harvest and distill on Maui. Creating botanically-infused garments on reclaimed clothing.

We continue to layer our property with perennial greens, tropical vegetables, herbs, and the harvesting of wild foods. 

I come from a long line of adventurers, and traveled to all 7 continents before 30. My ancestor Thomas Savage arrived on the second boat into  Jamestown in 1607 and grew up with Pocahontas. I have an MS in Nutrition Education, and was born to back-to-the-land parents. Have been living an earth-centered way of life for as long as I can remember.


Zeb Taiga Savage was born on April 6th, blessing our family with another boy!

Involved in a VERY exciting project called The Foraged Book Project....all artists using foraged materials for paper, inks, binding, etc.